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Changing your IT provider for whatever reason can be scary

The big thing that makes us stand out is our "No Lock-In"  so you have no worries and will never feel trapped. 


So how do we retain our clients?

With customer service and hard work!

Our team works hard for your business and we understand your Business and Medical IT requirement.


Our team is on standby to help you make the change.


Need a change from your current provider?

Look no more. Our team will discuss your options, and help your organisation make the move.  We can offer a no obligation audit to help you make a fully informed decision.


To ensure a smooth transition, our team will become an extension of your business.  Deployment of a project managers and certified technical staff, to document and plan a successful migration, with minimal business interruption. 


We keep our customers happy and informed by doing IT the old fashioned way. Looking after your business as though it is ours.


We do not hold our customers for ransom and, therefore, if for some reason you feel the need to leave, feel at ease as we will work directly with your new IT provider, completing a professional handover, including all information stored for your business and any technical assistance upon request.


000PC is not just a external company looking after your IT requirements.


We partner with you and become a valued extension of your business. We are like a trusted staff member without the requirements of a salary package, super payments, holidays or sick leave.

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